We offer you bread and circuses: engaging language learning with equal parts substance and fun

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Our Benefits


Like any good party game, Whole Wheat Games can get a bit nutty. But they definitely

  • Engage more of your brain so you remember more
  • Feel like fun, not work
  • Improve your spoken English skills
  • Help to pass Matura, TOEFL or other exams

Social games encourage creative, spontaneous use of language and

  • Combine listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation
  • Promote concentration through competition
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Give everyone a turn: good for less confident learners

By experienced, trained, certified moderators who

  • Teach you how to play
  • Stop you from getting stuck
  • Correct mistakes and facilitate learning

Virtual games give you much more freedom than in-person learning. They

  • Let you participate from anywhere
  • Offer a flexible schedule
  • Save you money over 1:1 lessons
  • Are just as easy as a Zoom call

New content added regularly that is

  • Up-to-date and regional
  • Not embarrassing
  • Mix of business and personal vocabulary
  • Audience-specific upon request

What’s a game session like?

  1. Connect with video

    We use Zoom for ideal video conference conditions with up to a total of 8 players. You can log on from any device, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.

  2. Interactive yet personal (max 8 players)

    The games encourage creative and spontaneous reactions. It’s loads of fun to play and reduces performance anxiety for less confident learners.

  3. Start with a short icebreaker

    The moderator shows you exactly how to play and makes sure that everyone is having a good time.

  4. Game time!

    Improve your skills while socializing with others and playing together.

  5. Moderator guides you

    The moderator— and experienced native speaker English teacher — guides you through the game and corrects language mistakes and provides for overall language learning atmosphere.

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The proof is in the toast / in the bread pudding:
What our customers say

Stanislaus Khoss
Vienna Business English No. 1 offers you the perfect opportunity to improve your English to a fluent level. Jenni is an extremely likeable person who tests, analyzes and improves your skills with individual tools and games.
Oliver Ferner-Prantner
I attended individual coaching at "Vienna Business English". Jenni & her colleagues gave me the best support with their playful and professional approach. They always responded to my requests and incorporated case studies from my environment into the training. I can recommend Jenni and her team unreservedly. 5 points from me!
Josef Kilany
Jenni is professional, uncomplicated and charismatic.
Suzanne Fiala
We learn new vocabulary in a playful way, refresh our knowledge of grammar and always have a lot of fun! No strict frontal teaching - always very varied and communicative!
Alex Ito
I took some lessons with several private English trainers, but I was disappointed. Then I got really lucky and met Jenny. We worked together intensively on my gaps in grammar, vocabulary and expressions. I found the best trainer in town.
Japi Zenebech Zewdy
You have a great personality and you are always willing to help. You will continue to explain things until I understand the information. You make class interesting and exciting. Thanks for doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
Cornelia Strauss
Jenni is the best English teacher for me! Within a very short time I was able to communicate well in English. Jenni also teaches English through games, so you learn to communicate very quickly and that was the most important thing for me! The best english teacher ever!!! ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, just an internet browser — on your laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android, re basically any device with internet.

Zoom can also run from an internet browser, so it’s not necessary to download beforehand. If you do have it already downloaded, it will automatically open on its own when you click on the link.

Absolutely! We often need a minimum of four players in order for the game dynamic to be ideal.

Our content is designed primarily for levels B1, B2, C1, C2. The most brilliant thing about our system is that we edit the content ourselves and have vocabulary prepared for various levels accordingly.

Each game features one moderator who does the administration of the game, ensures smooth game flow, answers English questions and overall atmosphere. Each of our moderators is not only a native English speaker but a certified ESL teacher with extensive teaching experience.

The session will only be recorded if all participants explicitly agree to have the session recorded. When we do record, each participant receives a copy.

No, it’s possible to jump in any time and take part in the fun.

You will absolutely learn new English vocabulary. That’s part of the brilliance of the experience. Your brain has this special way of remembering words much better when you hear and/or see the words in a game setting. Moderators will also take notes of the words discussed in the session and send out an email with the notes after each session.

You can absolutely play the same game several times and each and every time, it will be a different experience with different words, dynamic, etc. ! Since anyone can join anytime, each game session features different participants every time and since we edit the content all the time, the game changes, adapts, expands in terms of content and vocabulary all the time.